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    6 years ago

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mental Health Holiday!

Weekly Update: This week was amazing, I took a much needed break from 'life' and went on a  weekend getaway with my husband, sister and her fiance (no kids!)  Day 1 was hard to relax, I felt like I needed to 'do' something - but I'm happy to report back that I actually took a complete break from everything - and came back nice and refreshed!   I did, however, make some food exceptions (ok a LOT of food exceptions), as a result this week I am am only up .2lbs for a total of 73.6lbs. 

Here we are at dinner in Epcot in "Mexico" - so much fun!

And some roller coaster therapy - I got to ride Splash Mountain twice while at the park - I still remember when this ride opened up and how cool it was!

Unfortunately a big part of what forced me to 'slow down' on vacation was a day of being VERY sick. I haven't gotten physically ill like this in probably 20 years.  But there's nothing to remind you to slow down like waking up at 2am completely incapacitated.  I took a rest day from my workouts and let myself sleep until 10am - and it paid off because by the evening I was feeling much better.

So with the food choices, here it is - I had a latte every day, as well as a Mickey Mouse pretzel (just one though!)   I let myself really just let lose and enjoy every sip and bite.

And I made sure to stick to my workouts because I KNOW I feel better when I move - I even jumped on the treadmill one day and ran a mile - it was fun!!!

For anyone who has been at Disney recently, they updated "Spaceship Earth" - they do this funny thing where they predict your future and create a little 'land' for you.   Here is my 'exercise meme' it cracked me up!

But it's certainly accurate!   Here I am one morning at the gym (I let myself sleep in but still started my days with workouts).   The gym had an interesting mix of weights - I usually use anywhere from 5 pounds up, and often use 15s, but the gym only had 10s and 20s - so I got to push my limits!  It was cool to realize I'm stronger than I was giving myself credit for at home.

What's that?  More lattes!

And yep....Mickey Pretzels!!!! 

But don't worry - I did honestly try to balance out my nutrition.  This was a great meal at one of the most recently added restaurants in Magic Kingdom - tofu rice bowl!  It was tasty too.

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