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    6 years ago

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

And the Results Are In!!

Weekly Update:  So the results are in!!!  I finished the program this weekend, totaling 14.2 pounds and 16.5 inches. I don't usually weigh mid-week but I needed to see what the final results where.  That being said, the day after the program I started to get a little 'lax' with food - nothing I regret, but as a result I chose to stay off the scale this week.    The good news is, I am feeling a little sluggish and can't wait to head right into another 60 days of this particular program and nutrition plan because it made me FEEL so good!

Here are my Day 1 and Day 60 photos, I naturally always look at my stomach first, but after sharing with some friends got some great feedback and I can see THAT more now - my face is leaner, my shoulders are more defined and my back changed a ton!

I really find this photo the most important, when I first saw my 'after' photos I thought 'darn it, my arms still hang!' but then I said to myself STOP thinking that way, and decided to blow up the photos and really do a comparison, and here it is - they may not be perfect, but looking at this is proof that my arms are seeing a shape they have never been in my entire life.  That 'hang' is actually pretty small compared to what it had been just two months ago.

And keep in mind I did all of this OVER the holidays, New Years and Christmas indulgences included.

I find it important to continue to share where I am coming from - each day I change, but my Day 1 was not easy.  My month one and a lot of my year one.  Sometimes it's still not easy - but every day instead of focusing on what was 'hard' I focus on what I'm proud of and it makes everything better.

Like this - I was brushing my teeth the other day and saw my shoulders and thought 'wow! is that really you?  really?'   What I see her is strength and determination and willingness to keep picking myself back up over and over again.

And THIS is why.   This little 35 pound kiddo.   I want him to see me being healthy, and liking being healthy. I don't want him to see me hating myself.  I want him to love himself, and to live a healthy active lifestyle and be HAPPY.

A great Non Scale Victory (NSV) that happened this week was this dress.   Before starting my recent workout program, I tried it on thinking it would fit and it was wayyyy too snug even if I sucked in my stomach. I was defeated but I didn't use it as an excuse to give up, I put the dress aside and thought "Ok, not yet, but it WILL happen".   The other day I thought I'd try it on for kicks - and even pressing my tummy out it fit like a charm!

Food news!   I can't get enough of this amazing pizza - I've shared it every week pretty much since I invented it, but it is so good yet tastes so rich and amazing!

Another recent favorite - my veggie burgers on bib lettuce and wild rice with some olive oil on top!

I have also been making this amazing sauce from a cookbook I recently got - it's so easy and tastes good on anything - my latest favorite is to douse my eggs with it!

And this, I have to be honest.  I told you this weekend after my program ended a went a little overboard?  It was intentional, and I'm OK with it - but this is what started it!   Three pretzels a friend brought me back from Philly - I mean, PHILLY!   So good. I am not happy I felt sluggish after, but I also do not regret them because I totally enjoyed each bite.

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