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    7 years ago

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Positivity Wins

Weekly Update:  I am up 3lbs this week flr a total of 72lbs. I'm continuing to 'struggle' but I did have a big "AHA" moment this week and something I'm REALLY proud of.  For the first time in my weight loss journey, I have maintained my weight for a significant amount of time.   In the past, when I have lost weight, I only know two speeds "Lose" or "Gain".   I am normally really good at losing, but when it comes to maintain I FREAK OUT, and start gaining because not seeing the scale goes down really gets at me mentally.

Not this time.

When I set out, I had a loose 'goal' of 100 pounds based on my prior weights, that being said, I'm working every day to focus on how I feel not an actual number.  I do think I could and should lose about 10 more pounds, but that being said I am getting stronger and healthier every day at my current weight, and the fact that I've STAYED this weight, well that is huge for me and something to celebrate.  

I share photos, like the above, as a reminder of how far I've come.   Not because the 'old' me was bad.  Not because she was ugly, or a terrible person.  But because we often can relate best to visuals.  The 'old' me wasn't healthy.  The 'old' me wasn't going to be around for my son, to see him grow up, to see him have kids.  The 'old' me was in pain, my joints hurt, my body was uncomfortable (physically, not visually, but my body literally felt uncomfortable).   

The NEW me, is strong.  Healthy. A good role model.   COMFORTABLE.  I'm actually still considered overweight, but I know how much healthier I am, and focus less on the scale these days and more on my abilities.

This photo below is a reminder, one of my biggest reasons, my WHY, is my son.  I want to be a mother who is alive for him.  I want to live life to the fullest, and be happy and have energy and live a long life!

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This is a great example of what kind of mom I want to be.   Since getting back into a healthy lifestyle, I have started teaching fitness classes WITH my son. He is by my side, he plays while the moms socialize and get in some fitness.  It's not about killing ourselves to look a certain way, it's about being strong and healthy.  It's about being role models that fitness can be fun.

I also do my morning workouts, those are my ME time.   When I teach, well that's about the women and children in my class. I truly love it, but my ME time, that's the time when I can focus on my strength and physical improvements.  My ME time happens at 5:30am, it's not always easy, but it's always worth it.

Not much in "food news" this week - but I have a few photos to share - first one is my morning 24 ounces!!  Drinking my water makes such a huge impact on my day and how I feel.

And this is a great reminder of how much FOOD you can have when you eat the right things, in the right balance and portions.   This is tempeh, mixed veggies, leftover pasta salad from a BBQ (balsamic not mayo) and a little fresh parm.

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