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    6 years ago

Monday, January 11, 2016

Compliments, Compliments!

Weekly Update: This week I am up 0.2lbs for a total of 81.2lbs.  I continue to notice significant changes in my body with this most recent program and my commitment to my nutrition, I can't get over how quickly my body is changing!

I went to an event this Friday and it felt AWESOME! I never really have a need to dress up these days, but I do have some great clothes that didn't fit for years - to my surprise the one outfit I really wanted to fit (but wasn't sure if it would fit), not only fit, but fit like a glove!   It made me feel so special all night long!

That being said I wanted to share a 'real photo' comparison.  I have so many conversations with people who criticize parts of their bodies, assuming things about other people - the thing is we ALL have these social 'flaws' we just hide them.  Now, I'm not saying I look perfect in the first photo, but I'm pretty proud of where I am.  What I wanted to show here is that you see one thing on the left, but if I were to just move my swimsuit down a little, you'd see something totally different.

It's all about perspective.

Here is another photo from the coaching event on Friday night.   This is just a small subset of my amazing team - I am so grateful for each and every one of them!

Another 'closet' story - as I was rifling through my closet, I saw this dress. I wore this at my rehearsal dinner the day before I got married. I wore it only that one time.   I loved it but it was honestly even tight the day I wore it and then I gained weight after my honeymooon and it never fit again.

Putting it on this week, it's still snug, but it zipped to the top and I KNOW it will fit, it's just a matter of time.

So this photo - another 'reality photo' - I have an on going group of amazing women (and a few men!) who have committed to morning workouts - whatever the workout is, we post photos of ourselves first thing either right before we work out (like this photo), during, or just after.  It's motivation to know that others are getting up and doing the same thing in their homes!  Sometimes I throw out fun challenges like Pig Tail Monday - we all had to post pig tail photos!

A really prideful moment for me happened post workout this same day.    Something that has always been a sticking point for me was crossing my legs. Since I can remember, I have always struggled being 'able' to cross my legs.  Now I know it's not great for your hips, and nerves, but it still has always been this thing in the back of my head.    Genes play a part, as does weight.  What I'm excited about is that somehow over the last year this 'happened' - the ability for me to cross my legs again.

Food news!!

Here is my little guy sneaking some sips of my Shakeology - I pretend to be upset, but honestly I'm so happy he loves something so healthy!

Speaking of healthy - we got a "Nesspresso" for Christmas, and I have been playing around with healthy alternatives to my beloved Starbucks lattes - I think I found a winner! An espresso pod, almond milk, honey, and cocoa powder!

Another favorite in the house are my shakeology and coconut butter cups - they are really easy and fast to make and hit the spot when all I want is a piece of chocolate (half a red and 2-4 teaspoons on the fix for both depending on how you make them and if you add PB).

I decided to crack open my Fix cook book this week too and make some cupcakes with my little guy.  They came out SO good!!  Next time I'll probably add some extra spices, but they were insanely easy, very tasty and had very few ingredients!

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