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    6 years ago

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Fatigue and Exciting News

It's been a few weeks since I wrote an entry, and to be honest, I've been WIPED!   The good news is, I can finally say why.

We are expecting our third son this August, it's been a roller coaster of emotions and my body is struggling to keep up after only 6 months between when Thomas was born and when this little nugget started growing.

That being said, I'm continuing to do my best!

I decided this week to scale back a little on workouts, I had been doing an amazing program (I truly love it!) but the 60 minute workouts I noticed were getting in the way of my sleep and leaving me more physically exhausted than rejuvenated.

.. I'm ok with being tired when I wake up, but not so much the rest of the day!

So I took some time this weekend to regroup, rest and do some restorative yoga before I made the final call to switch gears.   

As a coach, I encourage people for a living, but I also remind them to be kind to themselves and realistic to where they are in their life.   It took me a few weeks to realize I wasn't doing the same for myself.

I've also been struggling quite a bit with food - but now that I'm in to the 2nd trimester I realized I have less of a reason to continue to eat a poorly balanced diet (and of course that poor nutrition was also making me...more tired!).

So I'm back to my consistent morning breakfasts, which always lift me up even when I'm extremely tired.

I also took some time this week (this photo was taken on day 3), to do a 'cell free' challenge with a few people I coach.  What this was, was a way to start our days without mental clutter.  The challenge was to sleep with your phone away from your bed, not to press snooze, and not to touch your phone for at least 5 minutes after waking up (it's amazing how much different you can feel with these small changes!)

And while I loved my last program, and the workouts were super manageable for me, this 5 minutes a day gave me a lot of time to stop and think.

I'm pretty sure my son is going to miss the 'elastic bands' but that will make it easier to get him on board with me to do this routine after the baby comes!

He even has all the gear!

This is a photo taken from our Mommy & Me Pilates classes last week, when I started teaching Ben was only around 18 months, and now at nearly 5 he's officially become the 'big kid' in class.  

So let's get back to food, this weekend for the first weekend in a month I got back to food prep.   I had prepped for 2 weeks in a row and been too sick to eat any of the foods, so I took some time off before I felt my stomach was ready to handle these foods again, and I have to say I'm excited to eat for the first time in a long time!

One thing I did slightly differently, I prepped 2 serving meals (usually I do 6 servings), I did this just to be safe and avoid waste if my appetite still feels funky this week as my hormones are still regulating.

I kept some quinoa separate as well so that I had some leeway with blander foods.

And I totally had forgotten about this gem!! Chickpea tofu!

And some regular tofu!

This is a super simple 'oldie but goodie' quinoa, olive oil, salt, pepper, chickpeaks, peas & corn.  Typically I include carrots but we didn't have any.

Another recipe I tried, and loved!   Roasted chickpeas.   I'm struggling to get proteins in and I'm finding chickpeas don't bother me hence why all my recipes this weekend included them!

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